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Engineered Products

Many of our patents have revolutionized the way certain applications perform. See how our Pressure Transducer and other products have benefited many industries.

Strain Gages, Pressure Transducers, Sensors

At Kicher and Company, we provide services in the use of strain gages, pressure transducers and sensors for measuring mechanical strains to monitor force, torque, pressure, strain, displacement, and acceleration.

Our experience has fostered the development of a unique capability to design, develop, manufacture, calibrate, and implement sensing devices and instrumentation for measuring mechanical strains.

Today, Kicher & Company provides a full service operation of product design, development and behavior exploration of aerospace, civil and mechanical devices and structures.

Consulting Services

Kicher & Company uses strain gages to measure mechanical strains, monitoring amounts of force, torque, pressure, strain, displacement and acceleration for various cases.