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Implementing Engineered Products

Implementing Engineered Products

While working with one of our long-term clients, we identified the need for a pressure transducer to measure the line pressure of a concrete pumping system. Our client was using a pressure diaphragm, isolated from the concrete flow by a fluid interface that required a manual operation for each pressure data point recorded. To serve these needs, we developed a flow thru pressure transducer capable of capturing the continuous pressure data while pumping concrete slurries. The Pressure Transducer described under the menu item Engineered Products gives a complete description of this item.

The task of developing a flow thru pressure for pumping concrete slurries involved several tasks beyond the unique application of strain gages. We developed a liner for the flow path that resisted the abrasive wear of the sand and aggregate of the concrete. This feature also required the design of a clamping mechanism to secure the liner to the inside of the pressure transducer. This performance of this feature was validated by the field testing of pumping concrete for cu.ft. of concrete footers.

We also prepared the documents and assisted our lawyer in securing a U.S. Patent for this design.

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